Jinyeong Scholarship Foundation

Even though The Republic of Korea had experienced the most tragic civil war, it has achieved the remarkable economic growth in a short period of time after war, and the world recognized it was possible because of the dedication of parents who sacrificed themselves to educate their children.

Unlike in the past, a great man was born of humble parents does not exist anymore nowadays. It is very hard for our children to achieve social success without wealthy family background when they are grown up. It seems the future of our children depends on their parents income.

It is time to stop the social phenomenon above. Outstanding students should be able to make a most of theirs quality and spread their dreams without worrying about tuition fee and financial circumstances. In addition, as the 21st century is information age and creativity is more important than any other era, it is essential to be passionate about cultivating talent which is able to be spearheading each field in global society.

Jinyeong Scholarship Foundation established by Good Development Co.,Ltd in order to cultivate excellent resources and balanced regional development in Jinyeong. It's time for everyone in the community to work hard together to provide great circumstance for our children have not enjoyed the equal opportunities for education due to the outdated situation and educational support facilities compared to urban areas.